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COVID-19 UPDATE for AGS Plasma Systems


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As of 04/8/2020, AGS Plasma Systems, Inc. is open again for business, though at a limited capacity.


We were originally informed that we would be closed until May 3rd however the US Department of Homeland Security deemed certain types of manufacturers "essential" businesses. AGS Plasma is one of the manufacturers deemed an "essential" business based on supporting customers in "Critical Infrastructure Sectors" as determined by the federal government. These sectors include: Critical Manufacturing; Government Facilities; Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste; Defense Industrial Base; and Communications.


We are committed to the safety and health of our employees, our community, and our customers. All office and supporting staff will continue to work from home and shelter in place. Those who are required to come into our facility will make all possible efforts minimize contact with one another while they work through this pandemic.


To that end, please keep in mind that we are currently running with limited staff and shorter hours. For fastest response please contact us by email or send your correspondence to sales@agsplasma.com.


We have a solid financial condition and a good backlog of orders to fill right now. AGS Plasma is currently awaiting major orders from both the DoD and the DoE. Our staff is working diligently to process all current or previously delayed orders and move forward with new orders.


Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.


Best Regards,

Allen Guastavino

President & CEO

AGS Plasma Systems, Inc.     

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3064 Kenneth Street

Santa Clara CA 95054

Tel: 408-855-8686